Past Speakers

The Institute has featured an impressive list of internationally and nationally known scholars, academicians and clinicians as speakers. In addition, members of the group, both specialists and generalists, have regularly contributed as speakers.

  • Dr. David Guichet
  • Professor Daniel Buser: University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Professor Howard Landesman, Dean USC
  • Ms. Cynthia Bollinger: Practice Management
  • Dr. Frank Celenza: Orthodontist, NYU (Ortho implant)
  • Dr. Michael Engelman: Author; (Branemark System)
  • Dr. Wayne Harrison (Branemark System)
  • Ms. Pascale Hartman, RDH (Dental Hygiene & Maintenance)
  • Dr. Frank Higginbottom: Univ. of Texas; (Straumann/ITI system)
  • Dr. Gary Horblitt (Branemark System)
  • Dr. Richard Kao: University of Detroit and UOP
  • Dr. Scott Keith (Straumann/ITI system)
  • Dr. Steven Lewis (UCLA): Mini-residency and several lectures
  • Dr. Chris Owen (Branemark System)
  • Dr. Christopher Pallato (Branemark System)
  • Dr. George Perry: Director, UCLA implant program
  • Dr. Ward Smalley: Orthodontist, Univ. of Washington
  • Ms. Deborah Steele, RDH (Dental Hygiene & Maintenance)
  • Dr. Gary Solnit: Straumann/ITI System
  • Dr. Richard Sullivan: (Branemark System)
  • Dr. Scott Bolding, D.D.S., M.S.
  • Dr. Chandur Wadhwani, BDS, MSD
  • Dr. Alfonso Piñeyro

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