Bay Anesthesia Group


Bay Anesthesia Group is a collection of experienced dentist anesthesiologists providing comprehensive anesthesia services for dental providers in greater San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles.

Our doctors have completed accredited dental anesthesiology residency programs at some of the most prestigious programs across the country. They have received extensive training in various techniques including intubated general anesthesia, spinal/epidural/regional anesthesia, open-airway deep sedation and moderate/conscious sedation. Bay Anesthesia’s anesthesiologists have treated patients of various ages (from neonates to geriatrics) and ASA classifications (from I to IV). Additionally, many of our anesthesiologists have completed rotations in internal medicine, cardiology and critical care medicine.

While the scope of their anesthesia training encompasses management of patients for a variety of surgical specialties (including ENT, orthopedics, plastics, obstetrics, endocrine and general surgery among others), Bay Anesthesia’s anesthesiologists provide focused, outpatient mobile anesthesia services catered specifically to oral & maxillofacial surgical and dental medicine.

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