History of PIADS

Our practice began promoting educational programs for the dentists in the Mid-Peninsula region beginning 30 years ago when Osseointegrated implants based on Professor Branemark’s pioneering work were just being introduced in the United States. The local dental schools had still not fully embraced this revolutionary technology, and educational programs being promoted by our practice were amongst few opportunities for local doctors to become knowledgeable about implants.

Many members may remember programs at Stanford Hospital where we introduced the Swedish Branemark System, and later the German IMZ system to the community. In those days, the application was limited to the fully edentulous and limited use in the partially edentulous patient. Placement of implants for the single tooth situation did not come until much later with the introduction of the CeraOne abutment.

In 1991, PIADS was established and regular annual programs were instituted. World renowned scholars and academicians were regularly invited as speakers. We are proud to say that the members of the study group have consistently been the first clinicians in Northern California to be introduced to the latest and the best developments in the field of osseointegrated implants. For instance, our group of doctors was amongst the first group of doctors in the country to be introduced to the CeraOne, the Estheticone, and the Miruscone abutment systems. New surgical methods such as Sinus Floor Grafting, Block Grafting, Zygomatic Implants, Pterygoid Implants, and the Novum method were introduced to PIADS well in advance of these methods becoming common place.

We are committed to keeping PIADS a forum for the introduction of cutting edge technology and innovation, but always based on good science and well documented results. The safety of our mutual patients is paramount.

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