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We are pleased that you and your dentist have selected the office of Dr. Lakha and Dr. Baird for your oral surgery care. We recognize that the decision to have surgery is an important one. We will do everything we can to make you comfortable – your care is our primary concern. Kind and compassionate care is the hallmark of our practice.
We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence and high quality care. Such a commitment means that we exceed the “acceptable” standards of care in every way. Our facilities and equipment reflect the most advanced technology to ensure that our patients get the best of care in a safe environment. This includes the use of dental implant systems that have undergone extensive scientific scrutiny.

The Practice – A Proud Tradition

We have been a prominent member of the Palo Alto dental/medical community since 1958. Several generations of peninsula families have remained loyal to our practice.

We are proud of the long standing affiliation we have had with Stanford University Medical Center. Our doctors have, for many years, provided care for patients hospitalized at Stanford with complex medical problems. Well known for the expertise of the surgeons, our practice attracts referrals from throughout Northern California.

Leaders in Dental Implants and Bone Reconstruction

In the last 30 yrs the practice has placed an important emphasis on dental implants and is today considered one of the nations leading implant practices for implant reconstruction and bone grafting technology. The doctors and staff take pride in using proprietary brand surgical components and evidence based protocols to assure a high level of success.

Leaders in Continuing Education and Latest Technology

Our practice is devoted to promoting continuing education in our dental community and translating latest technologies into patient care through advanced continuing education for local dental professionals. For 22 years, we have been providing advanced continuing education to partnering dentists under the aegis of the Peninsula Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (PIADS). Intrinsic to our mission is recognition and early adoption of ground breaking treatment methods and emerging technologies. Highlights of some of our contributions to clinical care include:

  • The first courses on Medical Emergencies and Preparation protocols in the dental office
  • The first to introduce the AED as an option in emergency preparation for local dental clinicians
  • The first to introduce the IMZ, Branemark and Straumann/ITI systems to the community of doctors
  • The first to introduce novel bone grafting techniques
  • The first to introduce bio-molecular technologies and the latest advances in Regenerative Medicine.
  • The first to introduce a variety of new and innovative surgical techniques and methods to the community

Our doctors participate in clinical trials and evaluations with promise of providing the latest technology and treatment for our patients. By collaborating with international organizations and medical device manufacturers, we have been on the cutting edge of applying basic discoveries and creating advanced innovations. PIADS has been the primary forum for the introduction of these innovations to our partnering dentists in the community.

Commitment to Quality Care

We are committed to providing high quality and compassionate care in an empathetic environment. We are also very committed to continuously improving the quality of our services and safeguarding high standards. Patients and referring doctors frequently remark about the excellent care they receive in our practice.

How do we do it?
To ensure that our patients receive the best possible care we have put systems in place for the following areas:

Clinical audit
Our clinical and administrative staff meets frequently to review the multitudinous aspects of patient care, resulting in continuous protocol improvements.

Evidence-based practice
We use the best researched implant systems and clinical protocols that have undergone thorough scientific scrutiny.

Clinical risk management
We implement the most stringent infection prevention control in the industry. We have rigorous risk management protocols to prevent complications and failures. We take this matter seriously and meet regularly to review protocols and educate the staff.

User involvement
We welcome input regarding service and quality of care from our patients and network of referring doctors.

Staff performance appraisal and professional development
The key to successful surgery is providing a workforce that is skilled and experienced in their jobs. Our surgical assistants are OSA certified and our administrators are highly trained. We encourage educational opportunities for our staff and recognize the importance of career development for each individual. As a result, many staff members have been with the practice for over 10 years.

Medical research
Our doctors are known for rapidly incorporating the best and the latest researched methods so that our patients benefit from cutting edge treatment. Over the last 18 years, through our institute, PIADS, we have been the first to introduce many state-of-the-art treatments to the community.

Quality assurance and accreditation programs
Our office and staff are regularly monitored and licensed by the State of California and exceed established National standards.

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